We welcome Level 2!!

To our BNZ Centre community

Congratulations Christchurch!  We are reopening in Level 2!

It really has been a marathon!  We appreciate that it has been a trying time for you and our retailers alike and thank you for your continued support.  To our frontliners – just magic!  Many of the staff are locals from our community and they have done a tremendous job at keeping essentials going.

To our retailers who haven’t been able to open – FINALLY!  Please support these businesses and Shop Local.  It has been incredibly difficult for them and so looking forward to having you back.

In Level 2 we can now open all our retail, under continued social distancing and hygiene precautions.  Please wash your hands, thoroughly and often!

There are some precautionary efforts that we have made for Level 2.

  1. Making alcohol-based hand sanitiser at key locations and entrances.
  2. Increasing frequent cleaning and disinfecting of regularly used objects and hard surfaces (e.g. handrails, bathroom door handles, and courtyard tables). Rubbish bins will also be emptied more regularly.
  3. Facilitating and encouraging social distancing guidelines. This includes avoiding any activities or circumstances that encourage gathering. Tables within the courtyard have been separated.  For lift access, where applicable, please use within your bubble giving priority to those elderly or those who need assistance.
  4. Promoting contactless transactions such as payWave instead of cash for payments. Retailers have been encouraged to facilitated distancing at counters and benches.
  5. Hairdressers, nail technicians and beauty and masseuse therapists are required to wear appropriate ppe and this must be adhered to without exception.
  6. Regular check-ins with retailers on their well-being, ensuring employees and contractors are properly trained and have access to relevant information. This includes ensuring retailers are regularly cleaning surfaces and eftpos machines within their store.

Stores are required to avoid overcrowding and may need to impose an in/out system to limit the number of people in their stores at a time.

We do ask for your cooperation with contact tracing and ensure you that details taken adhere to government recommendations within the confinements of your privacy rights.

Do take care of yourselves.  If you don’t feel well, stay home and get tested.  We have done an amazing job at keeping our country as safe as possible and encourage you to continue your efforts, so you can enjoy everything you have missed while in lockdown.

Thank you so much!

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The BNZ Centre has varied hours because of the diversity of our retailers and the companies that have their offices on our upper levels.

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